Truss Datanet to keep the lights on this winter with our six-month short term offer

Liz Truss says there won’t be any blackouts this winter and we all hope not. However, just in case, Datanet have a special Winter Rack & CoLocation offer for you…

candle in blackout

Winter Offer:This year with all the talk about energy shortages and the vague possibility of blackouts, power cuts or rationing this winter, you will be rightly concerned about keeping your IT up and running. Our winter offer to give you peace of mind is a six-month short term fixed price contract to see you through to spring or summer 2023, when hopefully, the energy market will have settled down and demand will be back to normal. The offer covers ⅓ (one-third) 15U third racks and 47U full racks in our superb new high security, high availability, ARK data centre that doesn’t cost the earth (click here for ARK and sustainability)

How Can Datanet Help? Alongside the short term contract offer, we can provision the racks within a day or two, we can help with transport, we have our own van and flight cases. We can provide technical help with IP assignments, routing and switching. We can provide APC PDU’s free of charge. We can connect you by dual 10Gb links (1Gb for ⅓ racks) and provide generous power allocations. Of course you can stay longer than six months and we are happy to provide fixed price contracts for the longer term too.

Call now on 01252 810010 and ask for the “Winter Rack Offer” or fill out the form below…

Datanet at ARK data centre using a combination of our own van, flight cases and staff for smaller one and two rack moves or together with our partners Sunspeed for the larger multi rack moves

We helped Grimshaw move 200 HP Zminis in to 5 racks in our ARK data centre
Server Safe Flight Cases

We have our own van, flight cases, ramp, tethers and plenty of experience, oh and optional insurance
Server Safe Flight Cases

All well protected and well secured for the journey to their new home
Server Safe Flight Cases

And when we need them, we have Sunspeed for the bigger moves
Server Safe Flight Cases

Why Now: In these extraordinary times the data centre is geared up to look after your IT with minimal staff involvement.

Tailored: This is a comprehensive end to end service, Datanet take care of the complete move.

Smooth: By detailed planning and preparation we can move your IT with minimal disruption.

Sorted: For now and the future, the best move for your business.

Why Datanet: Datanet is the most accommodating, flexible and adaptable data centre in London and the South with 20 years hosting experience.

Why Sunspeed: Sunspeed is the leading IT relocation company specialising in moving critical IT equipment.

Call Datanet now on 01252 810010 to discuss how quickly and efficiently we can move your IT into our data centre, or click on the image below to read the pdf…

Moving Your IT

The new Datanet at ARK racks deliver high availability for cloud and IT services whilst also meeting customers’ requirements for environmentally responsible carbon reduction.

  • Security is the byword, our new data centre at ARK is a high security facility built to banking and government “official” standards complete with 24×7 security on site
  • Improved resilience with data rooms fed from separate energy centres and more choice of carriers on site
  • Environmentally friendly low PUE cooling systems with seasonal free cooling using the principles:
    – Extract maximum heat from IT
    – Use mechanical cooling rarely
    – Use filtered ambient air and evaporative cooling to achieve 95% free air cooling
  • Large Cannon Racks: 1200mm deep x 800mm wide and 47U high
  • Each rack comes with 2 x 32A A&B diverse power feeds delivered to a pair of APC PDU’s
  • All racks come with dual 10Gb options from multiple carriers
  • Datanet customers have use of technical build room (client room), meeting room (pre-bookable), delivery area (with secure cages), kitchen and welfare


More about the Sustainability, Renewables and our/your Carbon Footprint:

• Does Datanet at ARK use renewable energy across the Farnborough site? Yes, we use 100% REGO backed renewable energy
• Does Datanet at ARK have a carbon offset programme? Yes, ARK are members of the Climate Neutral Data Centre Pact
• Does Datanet at ARK have a carbon net zero target? Yes, as part of the above pact ARK have committed to being carbon neutral by 2030
• How else can Datanet at ARK help with our carbon reduction goals? you can read the ARK Sustainability Data Sheet, ARK are eliminating diesel in our generators, reducing water consumption, maintaining the lowest PUE’s, using renewable energy, reducing waste and supporting biodiversity

To find out more about how Datanet can help, call 01252 810010, or email or simply fill out the form below and we will be in touch.

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