Colocation can dramatically cut your energy consumption and costs

Energy saving initiatives

Many businesses are looking at alarmingly increased energy bills coming this year and are desperate for efficient ways to cut costs.  Partnering with us could significantly cut your overall energy consumption compared to on-premise facilities through Ark’s energy-efficient, innovative direct air evaporative cooling capability.  Dramatically lowering energy consumption and costs, capable of providing compressor free cooling for 100% of every year.

rainwater dropletBy capturing water from the roof and also from the ‘run-off’ of the car parks it is possible for our data centre evaporative cooling systems to operate solely on harvested rainwater (with the exception of the first year where we need to do an initial fill of the storage tanks).

Our facilities therefore have no adverse influence on the local utility water supply.

By purchasing renewable energy up to 3 years ahead Ark is providing strong market signals for the installation of additional grid connected renewable generation capacity. In turn, our customers benefit from the lowest renewable energy prices available in the UK market, while dramatically lowering their own carbon footprint.  Find out more about Ark’s sustainability initiatives here

Get the rack space you need for one third of the cost

Remote working caused many a Head of IT significant challenges when the pandemic hit, mainly security, storage and connectivity.  Remote working is seen as the ‘norm’ now and many businesses are looking to remove on-premise facilities as they downsize office locations.

At Datanet we have a variety of customers who use colocation services to their advantage in many different ways.  Colocation is all about housing your critical equipment in a resilient data centre with maximum security, diverse power, cooling and connectivity, as well as helping to reduce your carbon footprint.

Our ⅓ racks are secure individual compartmentalised 15U sections of a larger rack which have more than enough space for several servers, a firewall, a switch and even a storage device.  Complete with its own lockable door, segregated dual A/B power and dual resilient data feeds.

IT kit relocationOur friendly, experienced engineers are on hand to provide 24/7 remote hands support and assistance and we can even help relocate your IT equipment to our datacentre either with our own vehicles or with the help of our partners at Sunspeed with our end to end relocation service.

Our facilities at Ark offer meeting rooms for our clients to use. Workspace for your engineers and IT staff and kitchen facilities for the all important cuppa!

Flexible pricing means you are getting the best and most efficient solution to your IT hosting needs.  We would love to show you around and discuss your requirements.

To find out more about how Datanet can help, call Jeremy or Conleth on 01252 810010, or email or simply fill out the form below and we will be in touch.



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