Your Cloud Your Way

Meeting your business needs

At Datanet we have the infrastructure, hardware, software licensing and a wealth of connectivity knowledge so whether you wish to have a public, private or hybrid cloud we have the building blocks in place to make your transition into the cloud the best way possible to meet your personal business needs.

Datanet will help you to make the right decisions thus maximising the utilization of existing assets whilst leveraging cloud technologies to meet your ongoing business demands. Our engineers will be on hand to support you through the transition process and you will be welcome to come onsite and spend time with our team here at Datanet to upload your data and customise your cloud. Your compute and storage requirements can be scaled up and or down as required and the software application licensing model is very flexible often on a monthly contract.

Some points to consider when deciding which cloud solution would suit your business needs:

  • Are the cloud resources dedicated to serving the needs of a single client or are they shared amongst multiple tenants?
  • Are there heritage IT systems that need to be integrated

Reliability and uptime are a key requirement and expectation from Cloud computing. In Datanet’s case our Cloud platform is built on best of breed EMC storage with vast high speed storage capabilities together with Dell blade servers providing huge amounts of RAM and processing power. All residing in a number of Tier3 data centres with (optionally) VMware Site Replication Manager (SRM) managing a complete failover solution with a recovery time objective and recovery point objective (RTO+RPO) of less than 15 minutes.

If you are moving to a cloud service for your internal applications, you will be making the connectivity from your users' desktops to the cloud-based systems a whole lot more critical to your day-to-day business so you need to consider connectivity between your premises and the cloud (datacentre). Datanet can advise on your connectivity options, we have been providing broadband and Ethernet fibre services for some 18 years. We can identify and resolve any weak links in your ability to access your cloud hosted data and ensure you have the best possible cloud experience.

PaaS, IaaS and Saas

Service models for cloud computing.

Tailored private cloud solutions that are flexible, scalable and reliable, giving software vendors the opportunity to offer a variety of cloud services to suit different organisations.

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Site-to-Site Replications SRM

VMware Site Recovery Manager

VMware Site Recovery Manager replicates virtual machines from one site to another for disaster recovery and planned migrations, with automated failover and failback.

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Virtualisation and Datanet's VMware Solution

Virtualisation is a technology that allows multiple operating systems and applications to be run separately on a single server or seamlessly across multiple servers.

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SPLA Licensing

Microsoft Services Provider License Agreement

Customised cloud solutions with a flexible billing structure on a per user monthly basis so you only pay for what you use.

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