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Datanet’s unique Cloud solutions are based on VMware’s industry leading technology and optionally include a Windows or Linux operating system

Some Key Benefits:

  • Reduce hardware costs while ensuring your critical applications remain available and responsive
  • Guaranteed connectivity with 100Mb or 1Gb access to the Internet via redundant Gigabit links
  • Consolidate IT infrastructure and save power


Are you looking for:

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VMware Server Packages

VMware Cloud & VMware Hosting

From the longest serving hosting & VMware provider in the UK - let us help you decide which VMware solution best suits your business. We have created some VMware Hosting bundles based on our most popular models, which are easily upgradeable through our selection of ‘Add Ons’.

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VMware Virtualisation

Virtualisation and Datanet's Solutions

Virtualisation is a technology that allows multiple operating systems and applications to be run separately on a single server or seamlessly across multiple servers.

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Hosted Virtual Server

VMware Server Virtualisation

Hosted virtual machines deliver better availability than dedicated servers because they can provide high availability (HA) by migrating from one host server to another with no down-time. Hosted virtual machines are also easier to scale without purchasing additional hardware and more secure.

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