World Cup, Ascot, Wimbledon and More Good News from Datanet too!

World Cup, Ascot, Wimbledon and More Good News From Datanet Too!

The Name is Bond, DSL Bond!

In conjunction with our 24Mb ADSL2+ and our 40Mb FTTC services, we are currently testing our bonded ADSL solution which will be available next quarter.  When asked why Datanet is introducing bonded DSL and what the main benefits are, Andrew Jeanmonod, Systems Manager, said “Businesses want more speed from DSL and perhaps, more importantly, they also want better reliability.  When we looked at how we could increase our DSL reliability, we looked again at the national Telecoms providers and agreed that we needed another big name alongside our BT wholesale offering.  We decided on O2, being a large national network with a wholesale offering similar to BT, picking up the DSL traffic around the country from customers’ local exchanges and handing it off to Datanet at one of our four London and London Edge data centres.”

Brian ConnelyAndrew explained, “When you take bonded DSL from Datanet, you are connected to two diverse national networks, doubling the reliability of what is already a very reliable service.  The bonded DSL service can provide twice the upload and download in normal operation, which is 99.9% of the time.  If you lose one circuit of the bonded solution, the other automatically continues to provide the same services, using the same IPs and maintaining any existing sessions and VPNs seamlessly.  The end user is unlikely to notice any downtime.”  If you would like to be involved with the testing and fancy a subsidised Bonded DSL Solution, then please call our Solutions Team on 0845 130 6010 or email

Bonded DSL = more speed + more reliability for you when your business depends on DSL – call now to be one of the first and get the introductory offer!


Datanet’s 24Mb Broadband and 40Mb FTTC Services are a Big Hit with Our Customers

Have you taken advantage of our new 24Mb or 40Mb services yet?  Here are just a couple of quotes from some of our happy customers:-

Since regrading our office connections to Datanet’s 24Mb service, we have seen our download speeds leap from 7.5Mb to almost 21Mb on one connection and 12Mb on another.  This has had a very positive impact for us.” Gareth Phillips and Alistair Mackenzie of Net Technical Solutions, Aldershot.

Stephen Challen of SAS Computer Solutions, Chelmsford said, “SAS Computer Solutions has recently taken one of Datanet’s FTTC (Fibre to the Cabinet) services and we have been delighted with the results.  We have noticed a significant time saving throughout the office when downloading large files.  Large downloads no longer affect other users who have reported a dramatic improvement on our previous speeds, which were about 2.3Mb, now we are reaching up to 18Mb.  Waiting for web pages to load is a thing of the past.  We’re looking forward to our London office being able to have it too!”

Call our Operations Team on 0845 130 6010 – they will be happy to tell you more and to check if your exchange has been enabled or alternatively, visit our online checker at


Happy Birthday Datanet!  Win Champagne & Chocolates in Our Caption Competition

This week, Datanet celebrates its 14th birthday and is looking forward to many more successful years of providing Internet and hosting services to customers across the United Kingdom and beyond.  Since it was established in 1996, Datanet has introduced and developed more and more services, including its Aspen House data centre which is owned by Datanet and managed by highly qualified and dedicated staff.

Of course, over the last 14 years, Datanet has seen massive changes in technology and is proud to be at the forefront of introducing new products to our very loyal customer base.  Call our Solutions Consultants now on 0845 130 6010 to discuss how Datanet can help your business work faster and smarter!

In celebration of Datanet’s birthday, why not take your chance to win Champagne and chocolates by sending your caption ideas for the photograph below of (l to r) Conleth McCallan, Datanet’s MD and Andy Pittman, BT Account Manager.  Conleth will judge which caption is the best, so please send your captions to with ‘Caption Competition June 2010’ as your email title.  Closing date is 15th July 2010.

Conleth McCallan & Andy Pittman

 Conleth McCallan & Andy Pittman


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