Power Outage? who ya gonna call?

    This morning, Wednesday 18th September, hundreds of businesses in the GU51, GU13 and GU9 area lost power from about 09:19 to 10:54, that is nearly two hours at the busiest time of the day. Were you affected? What did you do? What could you do? The Datanet data centre in Ancells Business Park was the only facility to have its lights on for miles around – our generators and UPSs maintained uninterrupted power to our customers’ critical workloads.

    If you have a critical workload or application that must stay up and running then the Datanet Fleet data centre with guaranteed and resilient power, cooling and bandwidth is for you.

    We are entering uncertain times, not just Brexit but also instability in other oil producing regions of the world and our demand for energy continues to rise and we are critically dependant on electricity in particular.

    So what can you do to help yourself when your office loses power?

    • Your emergency lighting should come on to allow safe exit for your staff, make sure you test it periodically

    • Establish if it is just your building or the whole street that is out. It is easy to do this at night time as you can easily see if the whole street is out. If the whole street is out then call your electricity supplier or check their web site for a status update. If it is just you that’s out then get an electrician (or competent person) to check your fuse box and circuit breakers
    • Send your staff home or to the local coffee shop where they can log on to local wifi and at least deal with emails and keep in touch with customers
    • Divert your phone system to a mobile or working landline and post a status on your web site
    • Make sure your internal servers/systems at least have a local UPS so you can power them down gracefully
    • Identify your most critical applications and workloads and move them to your friendly local data centre!!
    • If you are a Datanet customer then your applications and data will continue to run and you are welcome to use one of our meeting rooms so you can carry on business as usual
    • Have a look at a few of our data centre videos here


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