Mobile 4G/5G Cellular with Fixed IP = Instant Branch Office Connectivity

For branch offices, retail shops, temporary sites and when you just need a reliable and instant alternative to the fixed line carriers then talk to Datanet about our Mobile Data Service with fixed IP’s and private layer 2 options. The mobile industry (Vodafone etc.) use different terminology to describe what you and I know as a mobile service, terms like “Cellular”, “LTE”, “3G”, “4G”, “5G” all fall under the umbrella of “Mobile Data Service”.


Here at Datanet we have been providing connectivity solutions to business for over 20 years and we come across the same challenges: it can take a long time to get a PSTN phone line for (DSL/FTTC) installed in new or changed premises, if it’s not a “BT Gold” address then it can take ages to sort out. The same is true for fibre circuits: way leaves, duct work and construction charges can all lead to very long installation times and the dreaded excess construction charges. Often we will provide two services into one premise to provide a failover in case the first fails, sometimes the secondary service uses the same ducts and local exchange so both could (not often) get disrupted at the same time and you are left with no service. A mobile data service is a cell based service over the airwaves and is not dependant on copper or fibre in the ground and so provides a very real alternative to fixed line services. However the mobile data service you get down your local Vodafone shop is not suitable as a branch office service because it comes with a dynamic IP which means that it changes and if you want to connect your branch office securely over VPN then you need a fixed or static IP and Datanet provides this with our mobile data service. Additionaly we can provide a layer2 private mobile data service so, if you want it, your mobile data service connects only to your company network and not over the public Internet.

Can a Mobile 4G service be an alternative or failover for my fixed line (DSL/FTTC/Fibre)?

Almost any other form of connectivity can be supplemented or substituted by a mobile 4G service and with speeds of up to 60Mb is a real business alternative to fixed line:-

  • Mobile data services sevices with download speeds of about 60Mb and uploads of about 40Mb (dependant on signal strength), even faster 5G service coming soon
  • Ordinary business 4G services have a dynamic or changing IP, the Datanet service comes with a Fixed IP which means that you can establish a secure VPN for inter office connectivity
  • This service can also support Layer2 connectivity to extend your LAN so branch offices appear securely as part of your local network
  • As this is a mobile 4G service it is immediately available anywhere you can get a 4G (or 3G) signal
  • Using 4G/LTE routers we take a handoff from our mobile data suppliers to provide you with a private LAN extension (layer2)
  • Mobile 4G services can work out quite expensive for excess data download so this service is particulalry useful for temporary sites or as a failover for your fixed line
  • Now call Jeremy or Conleth at Datanet on 01252 810010 to speak with us about how mobile data services can offer rapidly deployed data connection or a truely diverse failover connection


Show me a few typical applications

  • Mobile data services can be deployed as a same day branch office Internet or LAN extension service
  • Mobile data services are available with fixed IP to enable secure VPN’s
  • Mobile data services are available with Layer2 interconnects to extend your LAN out to the remote site
  • Mobile data services can be used for rapid deployment for example for CCTV cameras, new site connectivity, failover connections, EPOS connections, or WiFi deployment and many more
  • Mobile data services are increasingly being used to connect the IoT Internet of Things and M2M machine to machine, in this new world, all kinds of everything are getting connected, everything from your fridge to your car
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