.EU domain name, update to article published on April 8th 2019

NOTE if you have a .eu domain and we leave without a deal you may need to take immediate action…. Further to our article published on the 8th April which you can read below, we can add the following update:-

Please refer to the EURID BREXIT Notice here for the latest and complete information from EURID the body responsible for EU domains.

I have read this and gather that if you hold a .eu domain you will need to be able to show your compliance by 1st January 2020, please read on:-


EURid, the registry which is responsible for the day-to-day running of the .eu Top Level Domain, published updated guidance for stakeholders in its Brexit notice on 9 September. The notice states that should the UK leave the EU without a deal:

•UK registrants will receive an email notification from EURid on 24 October and again on 1 November 2019 informing them that their domain name is not compliant with the .eu regulatory framework.

•There will be a grace period until 1 January 2020, during which the domain names in question will remain active and can continue to be used by the registrant.

•This will give UK registrants an opportunity to demonstrate their compliance with the .eu regulatory framework (e.g. by notifying EURid that they have a legally established entity in the EEA, updating residence to an EU or EEA member state, or demonstrating EU citizenship).

•During this time, you will not be able to extend the term of your current .eu domain licence if it is not compliant. Registrants who have not been able to demonstrate their eligibility by 1 January 2020 will have their .eu domain names withdrawn and they will become inoperable. This means that you will not be able to access your .eu websites or email from 1 January 2020.

•If you do not meet the eligibility criteria and your domain name expires during this two month period, it will not be automatically renewed. It will be withdrawn at the point of expiry.

•EURid will not make these domains available to any other entity for a further ten months, until 1 November 2020. On 1 November 2020, all affected domain names will be revoked and become available for general registration.

•The latest EURid guidance no longer states whether UK registrants will be able to prove their eligibility which will enable them to reactivate their .eu domain between 1 January and 1 November 2020. Therefore, it is advisable that UK registrants prioritise demonstrating that they remain eligible to hold a .eu domain during the 2 month grace period.


Following is the 8th April extract:-

OK not many of us have .eu domains, nowhere near as popular as your .co.uk or your .com, nevertheless you might have been tempted to register your business.eu


On 28 March 2018 the European Commission issued a notice to stakeholders concerning the .eu domain names registered by UK residents. The notice reads:

“Subject to any transitional arrangement that may be contained in a possible withdrawal agreement, the EU regulatory framework for the .eu Top Level Domain will no longer apply to the United Kingdom as from the withdrawal date. […]

“As of the withdrawal date, undertakings and organisations that are established in the United Kingdom but not in the EU and natural persons who reside in the United Kingdom will no longer be eligible to register .eu domain names or, if they are .eu registrants, to renew .eu domain names registered before the withdrawal date. Accredited .eu Registrars will not be entitled to process any request for the registration of or for renewing registrations of .eu domain names by those undertakings, organisations and persons.”

As reported above, the full communication highlights the fact that this information is subject to any transitional arrangement that may be contained in a possible withdrawal agreement, which is an ongoing negotiation between the United Kingdom and European Commission.

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EURid BREXIT Notice: https://eurid.eu/en/register-a-eu-domain/brexit-notice/

GOV.UK Guidance Notes: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/guidance-on-eu-top-level-domain-name-registrations-in-the-event-of-a-no-deal-eu-exit/guidance-on-eu-top-level-domain-name-registrations-in-the-event-of-a-no-deal-eu-exit/

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