Broadband Issue

22nd July 2022 – 11:45 We are aware of an issue affecting Broadband customers.  Our supplier’s engineers are working to identify and solve the issue.

15:30 –  Our supplier has identified a faulty device and the hardware supplier has been contacted directly for a Priority 1 case to be raised with them. During this time, they have attempted to alleviate some issues across the core network by performing a workaround to reroute traffic to avoid the device.

As a result we are seeing some services being restored.

All of the requisite logs have been provided and they are working alongside the hardware supplier to determine the next course of action. As of yet, it is still unclear as to when full service can be restored however they will endeavour to provide this as soon as we have it available.

24th July – 14:30  Network Cards at two network locations have been replaced and after extensive testing, this incident has now been resolved and all services are fully operational.

We apologise for the inconvenience.

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