I am not a Rack, I am More Than a Rack

A Rack is more than a Rack when combined with all the advantages of the Datanet AHF Fleet data centre serving businesses in London and along the M3 corridor. Please watch the video to see the business benefits…

I am not a Rack, I am MORE than a RACK

  • A communications centre hosting your network, routing and switching equipment
  • A Lab for your test environment, an office for your engineers with work space and desk space for your BC plan
  • Your staging post on your journey to the cloud, your hybrid cloud linking you with public cloud
  • Storage for all your data and your offsite backups
  • Ideal for specialist workloads, unusual hardware and intense compute
  • Where movies are rendered, numbers are crunched and blockchain is ledgered
  • The platform for your VMware virtual servers, your hosted VoIP, the hub of your SDWAN, your server farm driving your Big Data, IoT and AI
  • Complete with resilient power, cooling and abundant bandwidth
  • An extension of your office and business network, bringing you “On Net” with Gigabit bandwidth
  • Scales out much more cost effectively than your inhouse server room
  • Very convenient for London, M3, M25 and the South


Challenge me, what can I do for your business?

Please watch the “I am not a Rack” video it might help solve a few business problems by providing a few tips and things to consider and as it says Datanet can offer private cloud and hybrid cloud as a staging post to help on the journey. For August our MD is offering £1000 off the initial costs of your new rack or for a lead resulting in a rack sale that meets our minimum order requirements, more details here:

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