Rack Referral Scheme (updated 10/04/19)

Rack Referral Scheme Payment Plan

For a successful referral, leading to the sale of a rack in the Datanet Fleet data centre, meeting our minimum order requirements, Datanet will give you or your company £1000

(1) Commission is paid for each rack sold at the usual price for a minimum 18 month contract
(2) Commission is paid after Datanet receives the Q2 payment from the end customer (typically in month 4 of the contract)
(3) Refunds, credits or bad debts for whatever reason will be deducted from your commission
(4) Please also ensure you have the end customer’s permission for us to contact them and you have provided full contact details.
(5) Only one commission payment for each qualifying rack sold
(6) This rack referral scheme cannot be used in conjunction with any other special offers

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