Veeam can now be used to backup your Windows and Linux workloads.

Datanet has had great success backing up our customers’ Virtual Servers with Veeam® Cloud Connect. We are now very excited to announce that Veeam® has launched a new product called Veeam® Agent for Microsoft Windows which provides backup and recovery for physical workloads including:

  • Desktops, laptops and tablets
  • Physical servers running on-premises
  • File-level backup to disk

So, what does this mean in real terms?

Well, now our customers will not only be able to backup their virtual servers via Veeam® Cloud Connect to our high-performance Dell EqualLogic storage directly, they will be able to backup all their physical workstations and servers too.  If you are already using Veeam® Backup & Replication software you will be able to simply integrate the new Veeam® Agent for Microsoft Windows into your current configuration and start backing up your physical workloads in the same way using Veeam® Cloud Connect.

Veeam® Agent for Microsoft Windows is also designed to act as a standalone product so if you only have physical workloads to backup, you will be able to purchase Veeam® Agent for Microsoft Windows software (also available on subscription) then backup to Datanet’s high performance Dell EqualLogic storage via Veeam® Cloud Connect.

In much the same way as Veeam® Cloud Connect, after an initial full backup has completed, Veeam® Agent for Microsoft Windows can perform incremental backups (copying only new or changed data blocks since the last backup cycle)

Veeam® has also launched a Veeam® Agent for Linux which works in the same way as the Microsoft Windows version.

For more information on how to backup your Virtual and Physical workflows, please contact Datanet on 01252 810010 and we can discuss which backup option would be the best to meet your business requirements. Click here for Datanet’s Veeam backup pricing

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