How to buy Veeam Cloud Connect (VCC) Backup from Datanet

  • Veeam Cloud Connect allows you to backup your VM's or Physical devices to Datanet's cloud UK data centre
  • Backs up both VMware & Hyper-V virtual machines and all your Physical devices
  • No set up costs
  • Minimum of 1TB of storage and each device (VM or physical device) requires a VCC license
  • Veeam v8.5 & above required OR Veeam Agent for Windows OR Veeam Agent for Linux
Contract term Monthly fee
12 Months £0.07 per GB (£70 per TB)
36 Months £0.05 per GB (£50 per TB)
Veeam Cloud Connect Licence for VM's £4.99 per licence
Veeam Agent Workstation licence for physical devices £3.99 per licence
Veeam Agent Server licence for physical devices £6.99 per licence



    Activate your Veeam Cloud Connect trial

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    *Terms of our Free trial of Veeam Cloud Connect:
    1. This is a trial for business use only.
    2. Requires a Veaam Cloud Connect licence for each device ( virtual or physical) and Veeam V8.5 & above or Veeam Agent.
    3. To be eligible for the free Veeam Cloud Connect trial your business must be based in the UK.
    4. The trial is limited to 5 devices ( Either Virtual or physical) and 2TB

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