Unauthorized Access – I.T.Security challenges facing business today.

The Internet of Things is already here in our everyday lives and is increasingly becoming more common place.  It won’t be long before every “thing” will be connected to one another via the Internet. Whilst this facilitates our lives in many ways and is an exciting prospect, it could also become a potentially dangerous threat to our safety both in the workplace and at home. There have been Cyber-attacks effecting government bodies and the NHS resulting in a loss of service to everyday people and with the introduction of the IoT, these cyber-attacks could become exponentially more difficult to prevent. With many companies taking advantage of new technology and running their business online, they have become larger targets for cyber hackers therefore measures need to be taken now to mitigate the risk against such attacks

It’s no longer enough to have an onsite and offsite backup of your I.T. systems, you also need to protect the data at rest in your racks by mitigating against cyber attacks and hackers.

What are the security challenges that businesses are facing today and what can businesses do to ensure that they will not fall foul of a cyber attack?

There are two major threats that leave businesses open to cyber-attacks

  • Internal threats: Data breaches caused by internal staff either as a deliberate theft or as accidental human error.
  • External threats: Malware is constantly evolving with countless new forms being released every year.

Internal threats such as accidental staff breaches can be addressed by training and educating staff on the best practices of keeping data secure.

It is less obvious how to address external threats. Let’s look at the ways in which Datanet can help your business to mitigate against a cyber-attack. We are offering racks with built in Security enabling the peace of mind that the hardware and applications running in the rack will be safe from the ever-increasing cyber-attacks and security breaches.

Preparation is the key, know your IT infrastructure’s weaknesses, know where the vulnerabilities lie. In this case knowledge is power – The power to implement the correct protection required. If you would like to know more about protecting your business data you can read about the cyber security services that Datanet can provide or please call one of our team to discuss your cyber-security concerns on 01252 810010.

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