The fight for broadband in Hampshire

11/02/2003 – The fight for broadband in Hampshire

Datanet has recently helped towns and villages in Hampshire in their fight for broadband. Datanet has been able to support villages such as Alton to hit the trigger levels set by BT, by raising the awareness of broadband in the area.

Datanet have recently conducted Marketing and Telemarketing campaigns and have been able to register interest in broadband directly to BT through our internal system. The Alton campaign has resulted in BT announcing an enabling date of February 28th 2003. Datanets latest target is the town of Alresford, the BT trigger level has recently been lowered to 300 and the campaigners are now two thirds of the way there. Datanet has sent out literature on broadband to aid the town and the Wessex Chamber of Commerce who is also leading the campaign.

If there is any other town or village that could benefit from Datanets support please contact Rachel Turner on 0845 130 6010.

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