Fully Loaded 128K ISDN

13/03/2003 – Fully Loaded 128K ISDN

Datanet are now offering fantastic broadband alternatives, 128K ISDN Midband services are now available from Datanet.

Datanet are now offering SurfTime Plus packages, which work in conjunction with BT SurfTime. This is a 128K bonding service, which enables you to use your ISDN to bond together two digital channels and reach speeds of up to 128k, yet still pay a flat rate monthly fee.

SurfTime Network Plus is specifically for small to medium businesses on a network and will give you 24 x 7. This Datanet service is ideal for businesses that cannot receive broadband, but still require a robust and reliable 24×7 Internet connection.

Not only will you receive a fast Midband service but you will also receive:

  • Free 25 MB Web Space.
  • Free .co.uk domain name.
  • Free Web Mail.
  • Free usenet access.

For more information about Midband 128k services please call 0845 1306010

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