Standard and Premium service to change

22/01/2007 – Standard and Premium service to change

As a business connectivity provider, Datanet understands our customers require an unrestricted and uncapped connection. In order for us to continue to offer the high level of business connectivity our customers can rely on us for, we are changing the pricing of our 8Mb services.

Our Standard ADSL 8000 service will be changed to £35 per month and the Premium ADSL 8000 service to £75 per month.* If you are on our direct debit scheme, the ADSL 8000 price change will be delayed until May 2007. For those of you who have not yet joined our direct debit scheme you can still do so before 19th January 2007 and benefit from the 2006 price for longer.

We trust you will appreciate as a business connectivity provider; we are always aiming to provide the highest quality service to our business customers. To facilitate this, we are now able to manage our network to ensure priority bandwidth during the business day is always given to traffic such as the running of business applications, email, web browsing etc, rather than consumer traffic such as peer-to-peer applications. Bandwidth use is monitored to ensure activity from our domestic customers does not adversely affect our business customers.

If you have any queries about the details above, please contact our Accounts team at

*Previously £28 per month for Standard and £60 per month for Premium

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