FREE installation

14/02/2007 – Connect to 10Mb private circuit to Internet and get FREE installation

There has never been a better time to grow your bandwidth and improve interoffice connections. For a limited time only, Datanet are delighted to be able to offer FREE installation for all 2Mb & 10Mb* leased lines, a massive saving of between £5,000-£10,000.

If you are outgrowing your current connectivity solution, or would like to do more with your connections such as run VoIP or Video, this is the ideal opportunity for you to explore the advantages an E1 & Ethernet* leased line can bring your business.

Leased lines are private point-to-point connections between offices and have no contention ratios. They are a dedicated, private line and only carry communications and traffic from your company, resulting in a guaranteed level of service. The line can be used for data, video and voice and is most effective when sharing bandwidth-hungry applications between different offices.

Advantages compared to standard DSL connections

  • Bandwidth hungry applications can be shared between offices and operate quickly and effectively.
  • There is minimal latency and jitter, and a guaranteed level of service.
  • VoIP and Video over IP can be implemented and run to the high standards required.
  • All private circuits benefit from a 24/7 Service Level Agreement

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