Host unusual and bespoke hardware in Datanet’s tier 3+ data centre

In the past the applications that businesses use would run from software downloaded on a local physical machine, but today, things are moving off the device and into the cloud : Cloud computing allows businesses to access the same applications through the internet.

This is all very well for straight forward applications such as email and CRM systems but some things just cannot be hosted in a public cloud…. At Datanet we welcome customers who need to host unusual and bespoke hardware and rigs. One of our customers, for example has created their own bespoke rig which contains 21 Mac mini, this super space- and power- efficient rig is hosted in our London edge tier 3+ data centre and is being used as a powerful image rendering device. If you would like to read more about the Mac mini rig click here.

Another one of our customers is hosting supercomputers – yes, we have some Xeon Phi’s in our data centre. Xeon Phi are a series of x86 manycore processors designed and made entirely by Intel. They are intended for use in supercomputers, servers, and high-end workstations. These super Xeon Phi computers hosted at Datanet are being used as cryptocurrency mining rigs and are a very efficient choice in terms of power.  For more information about hosting a crypto mining rig at Datanet click here

Other high performance servers, which are energy efficient and power dense, are IBM’s Power9 servers: Power9 CPU-based servers are rack mounted and come as a 2U or 4U server. They have twice the memory of their Power8 predecessors and have faster internal interconnects.  The Power9 server can run Linux and be used as a supercomputer for applications involving vasts amounts of processing power, for example Artificial Intelligence applications.  At Datanet we would love to talk to you if you have or are thinking of investing in an IBM Power9 server and would like to host it in a data centre.

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