Defend yourself against Cyber terrorism

You’ve heard of antivirus software, right? Most people would deem it foolhardy not to have some level of virus protection on their computer network but what happens when your services are hosted in a Cloud?

More of our personal and business lives revolve around the cloud whether in the internet, mobile phones and cyberspace in general.  Consider what may happen if someone were to hack into your personal files, steal your identity, bank information and more. “Are you serious? No one would be interested in hacking into information about little old me” you say.   But now imagine it on a worldwide scale. Cyber-crime is on the increase and global cyber warfare is a real and scary threat with terrorists groups exploiting vulnerabilities in government systems and stealing national security secrets. “Pardon?” I hear you say….. You are right, it sounds like it should be something from an episode of Spooks and I could be accused of scare mongering but I got your attention didn’t I so now let me tell you about how Datanet can protect your systems residing in our cloud?

At Datanet we now have the ability to offer a hosted anti-virus service whereby we manage the anti-virus software behind your firewall.  In short we can provide a managed Anti-Virus / Intrusion detection prevention service to dedicated servers, Virtual Servers & collocated servers.

“What does this mean?” you say.  Let me explain in simple terms.  Symantec Insight technology reduces antivirus scans while SONAR (Symantec Online Network for Advanced Response) stops cyber-criminals and zero-day attacks by identifying threats based on the behaviour of applications.  Fundamentally what this clever piece of software does is gives you an extra layer of protection above your firewall and monitors exactly what users are doing once they have access to your system. It protects you from malicious code even before the new virus definitions are available through Liveupdate.  If it sees something it doesn’t expect or like then it’s game over for those cyber attackers and they are booted out.  Simple as that!

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