Results from our customer survey

As part of our strategy offering Private Cloud Solutions, we implemented a survey with our top 50 customers to find out what  we were doing right, what we were doing wrong and how we could improve our service and customer experience. Over 50% of those customers targeted responded to our survey.

When asked to describe Datanet in a few words the main sentiment was that Datanet is a well established friendly, competent ISP service provider. Our staff were considered reliable and prompt, efficient and professional and always answered the phones quickly.

When asked what was the main reason for choosing Datanet the responses ranged from word of mouth recommendations, local M3/M4 corridor services, handy location, a trusted local supplier. In terms of positioning Datanet with competitors in the market place, our clients said that although Datanet was premium compared to other service providers in the market they were happy to invest in Datanet services due to the good relationship that has been built up over many years and the quality service outweighs the cost.

The main area where Datanet could improve their customer experience is the contact with the customer. Many of the respondents said that they never had contact with the staff from Datanet unless there was an issue. This is one of the areas that Datanet will address – we want to make our customers feel more involved and cared for.

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