Site-to-Site Replications SRM

VMware Site Recovery Manager

VMware Site Recovery Manager replicates virtual machines from one site to another for disaster recovery and planned migrations, with automated failover and failback.

VMware Site Recovery Manager is the market-leading disaster recovery management solution, providing automated orchestration and non-disruptive testing of centralised recovery plans for all virtualised applications. It integrates natively with vSphere Replication and supports a broad set of high-performance storage-based replication products to reliably duplicate workloads across sites. A deployment founded on vSphere and complemented with Site Recovery Manager dramatically lowers the cost of DR through management and testing automation that eliminates the complexity of traditional disaster recovery. Site Recovery Manager ensures fast and highly predictable RPOs and RTOs with a DR strategy that is always up to date.

Features VMware VCentre Site Recovery Manager 5.5 Other DR Solutions
Integrate virtualization SW with storage replication (array-based replication) Tick  Question Mark
Hypervisor-based replication Tick Question Mark
Graphically create recovery plans Tick Question Mark
One-button nondisruptive DR testing anytime Tick Question Mark
One-button DR failover automation Tick Question Mark
Detailed DR test and recovery history for compliance Tick Question Mark
Automated failback Tick Question Mark
Planned migration Tick Question Mark


VMware Site Recovery Manager Overview:

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