Too Far To Get Broadband … Not Any More!

25/08/2004 – Too Far To Get Broadband… Not Any More!

If you were previously too far from a BT exchange, or the line quality was not good enough to receive a broadband service, Datanet and BT are giving you a second chance!

All limits have been dropped for the 512k broadband service by BT, so from the 6th September 2004 Datanet can accept all orders for the broadband 512k service. Previously this was not possible if the BT system showed the premises to be too far from the exchange.

What does this mean for you?
This means that you can now order a broadband 512k service and it will be accepted immediately. BT trials found that an extremely high percentage of 512k orders were activated with no problems and further numbers were successfully activated after a visit from a BT engineer.

Once an order has been placed and broadband is activated it is likely that it will go live, however if a customer is still encountering problems Datanet will work closely with BT and do everything in our power to get the connection working. We will organise a visit from a BT engineer to smooth out any faults.

There will still be .2% of people connected to a broadband enabled exchange who will not be able to receive the service but Datanet will be pleased to advise of alternative technologies.

More information about extended reach please call Datanet on 0845 130 6010

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