Regain control of your Inbox

14/11/2006 – Regain control of your Inbox

Email is one of the most vital business tools in use today. But the ease with which we can now communicate also means that it is easier to receive unwanted communications from spammers.

This problem affects all email users and we at Datanet are doing all we can to protect you from spam. In addition to offering guidelines on how you can protect yourselves, (click here for our Anti-spam White Paper), we have recently upgraded our email screening systems to stop spam emails from even entering our network and your Inbox.

In addition, our MessageScreen service filters your emails before they get to you, stopping you from getting unwanted spam and viruses and saving on valuable bandwidth usage. For more information on our MessageScreen service and how it can help you regain control of your inbox, click here.

By taking sensible precautions and ensuring that our screening software is the best available, we can help regain control of our inboxes and return to the time when emails were a help, rather than a hindrance.

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