One step closer to high-speed low cost Internet access

17/07/2003 – One step closer to high-speed low cost Internet access

Datanet has stepped up the pace to get local towns and villages broadband enabled. Datanet has a constant campaign running for these villages to help them in their plight. As a partner of BT Datanet is kept informed about broadband updates as they happen. BT recently announced that 500 exchanges have had their trigger level reduced to just 150, which will ensure that more exchanges will be enabled within the next two months. Unfortunately there are still hundreds of exchanges that are not covered in this new announcement, so Datanet wanted to do something that would help spread the word and would work in conjunction with other Marketing activities the company is conducting.

Datanet have found that increased numbers of customers have been asking for help with campaigns to get their local areas enabled with broadband so Datanet became the sponsor of the campaign site

Broadband Village is a generic site that can help all exchange campaigns. If an exchange is not yet listed then it can be suggested and it will be added to the campaign. Within the main site there are mini sites dedicated to individual exchanges, where you are able to register your interest in broadband, view current registration levels, download window posters and flyers, view local websites, press releases and keep updated with the campaign progress. Once an exchange hits the trigger level set by BT the site will enable you to pre-order Broadband on line with simplicity and ease, thus ensuring that your order will be one of the first to be processed.

For more information about the fight for broadband and to view material that Broadband Village can produce to aid local campaigns go to or call 0845 130 6010.

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