Global Leap

One of Datanet’s customers in 2005 was Mike Griffith, formerly Assistant Headteacher at Arbour Vale School in Slough, UK.

Mike Griffith set up Global Leap to support schools in developing video conferencing in the classroom.

Global Leap enables pupils in their own classroom to interact, face to face, with a wide variety of people and locations outside their own school environment.

Global Leap was the name that the students at Arbour Vale School chose for their 16-hour marathon global video conferencing event on February 29th 2000.  This linked classrooms across Australia, Japan, South Africa, Israel, USA and many countries in Europe.

Mike continued to work with schools to support teachers around the world. In October 2001 he took time out from his role as Assistant Head Teacher at Arbour Vale School, to work in association with the Department for Education and Skills (DfES) to look at the curriculum application and implications of videoconferencing on standards and teaching and learning in schools.

Mike pioneered the development of videoconferencing content for teachers here in the UK by taking videoconferencing technology to Museums and Galleries. Mike used grant funding from the DfES project “Videoconferencing in the Classroom” to evaluate the use of videoconferencing in the curriculum in 27 selected schools across the UK, and by developing pilot projects with a range of museums and galleries to provide curriculum links for schools. He also worked with schools to develop international links and identify and support partners in international locations.

Unfortunately the Grant funding for the project finished in March 2005.

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