Why is Full Rack Hosting Beneficial for Your Business?

If your business has a website you can benefit from full rack hosting. Full rack hosting allows you to benefit from our tier 3+ data centre’s state of the art equipment, outstanding reliability and resilience, back up data facilities and much more.

Flexible Full Rack Hosting

Full rack hosting from Datanet is flexible. Whether you do need a full rack of 47U, a third of a rack or even just 1U for your servers, we can cater for your requirements. Our full rack hosting is tailor made to suit each individual customer because we understand that full rack hostingevery business is different. Our on-site engineers will help you install your servers and are always available to help should you require on hand maintenance.

Our rack hosting customers will benefit from diverse 1GB connections to the internet and up to 32A of diversely fed power. The power to rack ratio at our data centre is very high and unparalleled by other hosting companies. We are ideally located just off J4a of the M4 to offer the highest standards of full rack hosting to London and the South of England, but we are not too close as to be affected by congestion and multi fibre link backs. Our convenient location also means it’s easy to call in at any time.

Cost Effective Full Racks to House Your Servers

Rack hosting is a cost effective solution for businesses as there is no need to house your servers yourself and you can benefit from the latest equipment, increased security and back up facilities. You can access your servers as much as you need to and rest assured that you’re receiving the highest available service.

If you would like to know more about Datanet’s rack hosting please don’t hesitate to give our Solutions team a call on 0845 130 6010.

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