Case Study: FACT360

Providing a Ultra ⅓ Rack in a Secure Data Centre with plenty of power and bandwidth and of course helpful on-site support.





AI and Un-Supervised Machine Learning Solutions

Business Challenge:

FACT360 approached Datanet to provide a rack store their data offsite at a facility that provided enhanced security and sustainability, and with a company that values their customers and has the technical skills to help.

Technology Solution:

Datanet provided a Third Rack for FACT360 with plenty of power, reliable bandwidth and fixed IP’s. Datanet also assisted FACT360 with the on-boarding.

Business Results:

  • Third Rack with plenty of power
  • Reliable bandwidth
  • Allocated IP’s
  • Assistance with moving in

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FACT360 was founded in 2020 by leading academics and experts in Artificial Intelligence, Unsupervised Machine Learning, Artificial Neural Networks and Swarm Intelligence. Inspired by the classic ‘Traffic Analysis’ work of Gordon Welchman during the second world war, the company began deploying the techniques on modern communication networks.

It has since further developed its solutions and now incorporates Natural Language Processing and its own Breakout Algorithms to group communication messages and, uniquely in the sector, identify activity and behaviour that differs from the historical norm. Based in the UK, it continues to pioneer the use of AI, Transactional Analytics and Unsupervised Machine Learning in fraud and insider threat investigations and its technology is also used to inform broader strategic business decisions.

FACT360 Website: and the PDF Download Case Study PDF

The Business Challenge

FACT360 approached Datanet wanting a company that values their customers and has the time and technical skills to help with any type of enquiry no matter how big or small. Their requirements to move from their current provider were enhanced security, sustainability, and to be able to gain secure access to their rack at any time without having to give prior notice.

After visiting us at ARK, FACT360 knew that Datanet were able to deliver this and more – “very insightful and exactly the kind of people we want to deal with”.

Datanet’s Solution

FACT360 needed to store their data offsite and opted for a Third Rack with plenty of power, reliable bandwidth and allocated IP’s. We were able to help FACT360 move in within a couple of days of placing their order and ensure they were up and running in no time. FACT 360 felt confident their equipment was in good hands what with the site being patrolled 24/7/365 by vetted security staff and the innovative direct air evaporative cooling capability ensures that Fact360’s equipment remains safe and in peak condition.”

Requirements and Solution Summary:
• ⅓ Rack 15U Compartment 800 wide x 1200 deep
• Dual 16A power feeds as standard together with dual 1Gb Internet feeds
• Data centre with excellent sustainability credentials designed in
• Government ‘official’ security facility with 24×7 security on site and ISO27001 certified
• 24×7 access for FACT360 engineers with workshop and welfare facilities included
• Helpful, friendly, accommodating, reliable people on-site to help
• Great value with many extras included, interconnects, block of IP’s, remote hands etc

Feedback from Andy Gordon – Commercial Director: What an extremely pleasant and very slick
onboarding process. Staff were extremely helpful getting us started.

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Datanet is the London Edge Sustainable Data Centre for your rack, colocation and hosting requirements. We blend everything you need into a simple affordable All-In-One package with our large 47U cabinets, diverse power feeds and dual redundant 1Gb or 10Gb Internet connections as standard.

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