Are you getting caught out by insufficient upload speeds?

15/03/2006 – Insufficient upload speeds? Datanet can offer a superior solution

In the hype surrounding increasing download speeds, the upload capacity often gets forgotten but for some companies it can severely affect the performance of their broadband service. If you regularly send email shots, images or graphics for your business, you probably suffer from delays and slow connection speeds that affect everyone in your offices.

SDSL (Symmetric Digital Subscriber Line) is the ideal solution for your business. With equal upload and download speeds of up to 2Mb, it automatically rectifies the problem of slow upload speeds when sending large sizes and quantities of files. Also, SDSL has a much lower contention ratio vital for any application that relies on large amount of bandwidth.

Take advantage of our highly competitive rate. Our install and monthly rental charges, plus the hardware costs, have all been recently reduced.

What benefits will SDSL bring my business?

  • High performance connectivity with equal upload and download speeds
  • A suitable connection if you wish to run Voice over IP, Video conferencing and point to point connectivity
  • Cost effective alternative to a leased line Contention ratio of 10:1 meaning the bandwidth is shared with no more than 10 other subscribers, and therefore will provide a more consistent level of performance
  • Always on connection, uncapped & unlimited

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