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The benefits of Datanet’s new hardwarre from ThinkOn – unlocking the power of partnership.

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9 January 2020


The benefits of Datanet’s new hardwarre from ThinkOn – unlocking the power of partnership.



ThinkOn Partnership

Veeam Cloud Connect has proven to be a very popular and reliable method for you to backup your virtual machines, physical servers and end point devices to the cloud in Datanet’s UK data centre. We are now moving the service to new hardware provided by ThinkOn.

Here is a list of the features and benefits of Veeam Cloud Connect along with the new improvements you will benefit from.

Improvements and new features for Veeam Cloud Connect


  • ThinkOn sit on the Veeam advisory board and bring a strong and direct relationship with Veeam to further improve our service
  • ThinkOn will be working with Datanet to provide enhanced levels of Veeam services and support round the clock
  • You can now also backup your Office 365 Email, OneDrive and Sharepoint, click here to see our “Why ever would I want to backup Office 365”
  • Remember, when you take Veeam Cloud Connect or Veeam Office 365 from Datanet your data stays in the UK in Datanet’s ISO27001 UK data centre

General features for Veeam Cloud Connect

  • Quick Installation: Veeam Cloud Connect is simple to set up, you can start backing up in minutes
  • Test Restores Anytime: You have full control over restore procedures, restore a single file or a whole VM with only a few clicks
  • Eliminate the Tape: Veeam Cloud Connect eliminates the complex, time-consuming and difficult restore procedures of tape-based backup solutions
  • WAN Acceleration: Veeam’s WAN accelerator caches components of your backup data to significantly increase transfer speeds
  • Expand When You Need It: Veeam Cloud Connect allows you to build a repository exactly to your specifications and can adapt to changing requirements

staff from datanet and thinkon working together to instal thinkon's racks at datanet
a close up of staff menber's hands as they plugin and install servers into thinkon's rack sapce

Security features for Veeam Cloud Connect

  • End-to-End Encryption: Administrators can enable encryption on backup copy jobs to protect your data from start to finish
  • Ensure Data Durability: Having a copy of backup files offsite ensures that your data is accessible regardless of what happens
  • Disaster Recovery Options: In an emergency, we can re-build your production environment with your Veeam Backup data as part of your business continuity plan

ThinkOn Partners with Datanet to Start Operations.

If you want to start using Veeam Cloud Connect or Veeam Backup for Office365 from Datanet then just call us on 01252 810010.



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