News & Update: Coretek reviewing the new ARK Data Centre

Datanet’s new data centre at ARK goes live next month

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7 March 2022


Datanet’s new data centre at ARK goes live next month



Coretek reviewing the new ARK Data Centre

After 14 successful years running the AHF Fleet data centre, it is time for an upgrade and we have chosen to move to ARK, probably the finest data centre in the UK. Last Thursday I visited the ARK together with Garry and Matt from Coretek who provide hybrid cloud and IT services to businesses and schools around the UK.

Reviewing their new racks in the Datanet at ARK data centre, Garry and Matt from Coretek (left and right in photo) and Conleth (middle) from Datanet.

Coretek provide managed IT support solutions, helping businesses better use technology to achieve their goals and deliver a greater return on investment. Coretek are upgrading their existing racks at Datanet to our new high security high availability ARK Data Centre.

Coretek’s new racks are required to deliver high availability cloud and IT services whilst also meeting their customers’ requirements for environmentally responsible carbon reduction.

  • Security is the byword, our new data centre at ARK is a high security facility built to banking and government “official” standards complete with 24×7 security on site
  • Improved resilience with data rooms fed from separate energy centres and more choice of carriers on site
  • Environmentally friendly low PUE cooling systems with seasonal free cooling using the principles:
    – Extract maximum heat from IT
    – Use mechanical cooling rarely
    – Use filtered ambient air and evaporative cooling to achieve 95% free air cooling
  • Large Cannon Racks: 1200mm deep x 800mm wide and 47U high
  • Each rack comes with 2 x 32A A&B diverse power feeds delivered to a pair of APC PDU’s
  • All racks come with dual 10Gb options from multiple carriers
  • Coretek and Datanet customers have use of technical build room (client room), meeting room (pre-bookable), delivery area (with secure cages), kitchen and welfare

More about the Sustainability, Renewables and our/your Carbon Footprint:

• Does Datanet at ARK use renewable energy across the Farnborough site? Yes, we use 100% REGO backed renewable energy
• Does Datanet at ARK have a carbon offset programme? Yes, ARK are members of the Climate Neutral Data Centre Pact
• Does Datanet at ARK have a carbon net zero target? Yes, as part of the above pact ARK have committed to being carbon neutral by 2030
• How else can Datanet at ARK help with our carbon reduction goals? you can read the ARK Sustainability Data Sheet, ARK are eliminating diesel in our generators, reducing water consumption, maintaining the lowest PUE’s, using renewable energy, reducing waste and supporting biodiversity



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