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What benefits would Colocation bring my business?

  • High levels of resilience, diverse and multiple power feeds, Internet connections and cooling systems
  • Increased redundancy
  • Reliability with guaranteed connectivity 24/7
  • Cost efficient – saves time and resources for IT staff
  • Reduce overheads and have access to facilities/bandwidth options not physically or financially feasible to
    supply at company offices
  • Vital data stored in a maximum security facility
  • Offsite back-up abilities

You will always have access to your vital information via our high capacity network. Optionally, individually managed firewalls are in place to guarantee the security of any company data transferred across the Internet, ensuring your data remains safe and only accessed by those with your permission.

In addition to our top class hosting solutions, we can also provide added security in the form of our offsite back-up and other managed services.

Managed Colocation Hosting

Maintain 100% access to your vital business data and applications in our Tier3+, ISO 27001 accredited Data Centre. Choose from our range of scalable co-location hosting solutions and rely on our engineers to support you every step of the way.

Your rack space at Datanet is housed in a 47U high, 700mm wide and 1000mm deep rack complete with a pair of diverse 1Gb connections to the Internet and available with either 16A (~4kW), 20A (~5kW) or 24A (6kW) of diversely fed power. We have a very high rack to power ratio here at our AHF data centre, so, unlike other data centres, we supply power to your rack over a pair of diverse 32A (8kW) feeds. Our on-site engineers and Facilities Manager will help you prepare your new 47U rack and we have plenty of parking and loading and delivery facilities here on-site.

We offer your business bespoke and scaleable server hosting solutions, you can start with 1U or multiple U’s and when you are ready scale up to a self contained 1/3 of a rack and, in the fullness of time, when business demands it, take your own full 47U rack, all solutions provide the reassurance and security so vital in today’s business environment. Hosting facilities are available at our own datacentre, AHF (Aspen House Fleet), or in one of our datacentre facilities in and around London. For further information, please see the specification of the Aspen House Data Centre.

Storing your vital business data in a Tier3+ secure and resilient location, as opposed to locating it in offices or warehouses, ensures the safety of both the information and the equipment.

Rack Space Options at Aspen House

Because Aspen House is owned, managed and operated by Datanet, we are able to provide flexibilty to our customers. Whether you are looking to site your servers, switches or other networking and communicaiton equipment, Aspen House is the perfect choice.

Our cabinets are 47U high, 700mm wide and 1000mm deep with power from 350mA per U all the way up to a diverse dual 8kW per rack that’s a whopping 2 x 32A per rack. All colocation space comes wih 2 IP addresses, 100Mb Internet access via redundant Gigabit links with varying data transfer allocations depending on amount of space taken.

Situated outside of the M25, Aspen House is a secure but accessible datacentre, ideal for companies in the Thames Valley, London, the South and South East.

Colocation Rack Space Options at Datanet’s London Datacentres

In addition to Aspen House, Datanet has partnerships with two of the UK’s leading datacentres,  Telehouse and Telecity in London’s Docklands. These data centres offer secure, award winning facilities backed by market leading service level agreements.

Custom DSL Direct at Aspen House Fleet

We have a lot of control over our ADSL connections which we call CDD – ‘Custom DSL Direct’. As we have an ADSL hostlink installed at our Aspen House Fleet data centre, this gives us control of the ADSL terminating at your server. We are able to monitor and control what traffic flows through our ADSL circuits, – as standard the routing would not touch the Internet unless you specify that you want it to, so it is a direct link to the service running on your server, effectively a ‘walled garden’ if required.

The data transfer between customer premises over a 24Mb Enterprise CDD to a rack would be unlimited, however transfer is limited between the rack and internet to 2TB per month (1/3 rack) which equates to a 6Mb Committed Data Rate and 5TB per month (full rack) which equates to 15Mb Committed Data Rate.

One benefit of using a CDD is that the traffic has fewer hops to go over in order to get to the customers server hosted in the AHF data centre and vice versa, meaning a quicker connection, rather than routing over the Internet. It is also a secure line between the rack and customer premises – in theory the customer would not need to use a VPN – a firewall would only be required in the rack to protect the servers connected to the Internet or to facilitate other VPNs routed over the Internet.

For further information about Aspen House and our London data centre facilities, please contact our IP Solutions Consultants on 01252 810010  or email

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