Working from home with Datanet

10/09/2007 – Working from home with Datanet

Here at Datanet we are committed to helping your staff and your business work more efficiently and, as everyone knows, happy workers are more efficient than unhappy workers. A lot has been written about work/life balance in the press but what does this mean, and what can it mean to you and your business? And how can Datanet help you and your employees make the most of the technology?

Why work from home?

  • Dramatically lower facilities costs
  • Increased employee retention by improving quality of life
  • Increased flexibility of your workforce
  • Save on time and money spent travelling to work
  • Avoid noise and distractions of the workplace
  • A wider pool of applicants from which to recruit
  • Possible location of sales staff near clients rather than being based in your premises
  • Enable working during weekends and when parents need extended time off during school holidays

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