What is VMware Hosting

What is VMware Hosting?VMware Hosting

VMware (derived from Virtual Machine Software) is the name of the principal product and business of the global leader in virtualisation solutions. Virtualisation is a technology which allows multiple applications to run concurrently on the same server as though each application were running on its own machine and also allows multiple applications to run across multiple servers seamlessly. VMware virtualisation is the leading virtualisation platform with more than 250,000 users worldwide. VMware effectively breaks the direct dependency between the application software and the hardware on which it runs thereby enabling greater flexibility in the use of the underlying infrastructure.

What Are The Benefits of VMware Hosting?

The primary advantage sought by most organisations is a reduction in costs. By using more virtual machines than there are actual physical machines, the number of actual servers can be significantly reduced. This is known as server consolidation. This gives rise to savings in several different categories of cost including the capital expenditure to buy servers, running costs which can be significant for example the energy requirements of cooling systems, property costs (space) and labour costs required to maintain the servers. It has been estimated by VMware that more than 70% of a typical IT budget in a non virtualised datacentre is consumed in maintaining the infrastructure which leaves few resources available for innovation. VMware also claims that their customers typically save between 50% and 70% of their overall IT costs by switching to virtualisation.

There are other key strategic benefits to be gained from virtualisation. Since applications no longer rely on a single machine, downtime can be reduced. If a machine fails or requires to be removed for maintenance, none of the applications is interrupted. This substantially reduces the risk of business interruption due to hardware failure. It also means that machines can be scheduled for maintenance far more flexibly since the timing of the maintenance is not governed by the requirement to keep applications running. In this way, VMware virtualisation can form an integrated and key component of an organisation’s disaster recovery plan. With higher server availability, backups can be scheduled more efficiently and at times when the demands placed on servers by business applications is least. Planned downtime can be eliminated and unplanned downtime can be followed by immediate recovery. The greater flexibility that derives from virtualisation means that an organisation can be more responsive to market changes and more resilient in the event of unforeseen risks.

Why use VMware for your virtualisation requirements?

VMware is the global leader in virtualisation technology and VMware offers the highest efficiency and lowest cost-per-application in the virtualisation industry. VMware has been designed to be easy to use by organisations of all sizes. Many of the users are large companies but it can be used effectively by any company right down to companies with just one or two servers.

If your virtualised environment is outsourced, another series of advantages can arise. Physical security of servers may be enhanced by the use of an offsite datacentre. A pool of VMware experts can be available on demand. Your business risks are reduced even further and, by placing non-core activities in the hands of experts, you are freed up to manage your business.

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