What is HCI ?

What is HCI

What is HCI (hyperconverged infrastructure) and what are its main advantages

Converged IT infrastructure is about bringing together compute, storage, networking and virtualisation into one single software managed infrastructure solution. HyperConverged adds scalability, management, resilience, redundancy, backup, data compression and monitoring.

So, what is HCI and what does HyperConverged Infrastructure look like:

  • When you open the rack door and you can clearly see compute, storage and network equipment in different silos, that’s NOT converged
  • When you open the rack door and you see a number of similar nodes, that’s HyperConverged, each node contains all the compute, storage and networking and multiple nodes are there for capacity and resilience
  • Nutanix HyperConverged adds scalability, management, resilience, redundancy, backup, data compression and monitoring
  • Worth noting that because the nodes and therefore the storage are directly connected to each of the other nodes, there is a substantial increase in the overall performance of the infrastructure as data does not have to travel over the network to separate storage such as a SAN or NAS
  • Speed generally and I/O performance are also increased as the storage is software defined and the software analytics determines which data, hot or cold, needs to be reside on which tier of disk, spinning or solid state
    Does your rack look like the one on the left? or the one on the right?
    What is HCI


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