Web Review – Shine On Line Web Builder Tool

13/01/2003 – Web Review – Shine On Line Web Builder Tool

AIT and Datanet have recently published a new web site in conjunction with Shine On Line, which is the web presence of Redemptorist, a religious publication group. The new site can be found at www.shineonline.net. AIT designed the website along with all the graphics and as a partner, Datanet were called upon to design the back office and technical side of things, such as the registration process and the web builder tool. This type of project is typical of the type of partnership Datanet can offer.

The technical tool built by Datanet allows non-web savvy people to create and publish their own web sites. The tool is based on a Microsoft Office interface, so many of the tools are very similar to those found in Word. You are able to create tables, insert text, images and links with great ease. This type of web tool is ideal for Virtual ISPs or Websites with a community base.

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