VirusScreen saves the day

20/05/2003 – VirusScreen saves the day (again)

Datanet would like to warn all customers who do not have our VirusScreen product to be on the look out for the e-mail worm, which pretends to come from

The message comes with a number of different subject lines but the attachment should not be opened because it will infect users with a worm known as Palyh.

The worm will then copy itself into to the Windows folder, and will begin to send itself to all e-mail addresses it finds on a computer. The Virus has been found in around 69 countries, however Datanets VirusScreen product spotted the Virus on 17th May 2003. As soon as the virus was detected it was blocked from all users of VirusScreen Datanet are pleased to say that all of our VirusScreen customers remain virus free.

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