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Q1: My pipe is 100 Mb so how much data can I transfer in an hour, day, week, month
Answer: 30TB in a month (30 days) * see calculator above
Few examples:
1Mb transfers 320GB in a month (30 days)
10Mb transfers 100GB per day
100Mb transfers 32GB per month

How to work it out or QED quod erat demonstrandum: Well, there are 8 bits (lower case b) in a Byte (upper case B) plus 1 parity bit so we’ll call it 9 bits = 1 Byte
Data transfer is always measured in bits, the data transfers serially in bits, little “b” so 10Mb or 1Gb
The data volume when reassembled in the pot (or on the hard drive) is measured in Bytes (=9 bits), big”B” so 10GB or 2TB
So a 100Mb pipe will transfer 100Mb per sec or 100MB in about 9 secs or 1GB in 90s or 1TB in 90,000s or * 30TB in 2,700,000s which is about 31 days or a nominal month

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