Is your office firewall struggling? ask us about our SSL VPN Gateway service

Is your office firewall struggling to cope with all of your employees working remotely?

You can add significant additional capacity to your network when you offload some of the work on to a Datanet remote access gateway. Our qualified technicians will install and maintain the VPN connection for you, all done with your existing equipment. Whether your users have Windows or MacBook devices, we can help. Call us today

The Datanet SSL VPN Gateway is hosted in our high capacity data centre, managed by Datanet and available to provide a secure SSL VPN Gateway from your home workers to resources on your office LAN using your legacy office firewall as the point of access, so you don’t need any additional onsite equipment.

SSL VPN Gateway

Read on if you’re technically minded – How it works:
1. We create a VPN gateway in our UK data centre.
2. We establish a site to site (IPSEC) VPN back to your existing onsite firewall, working alongside your IT team, to provide user access to all on site resources. Our experienced network operations team can assist with configuration remotely if required.
3. Your users install the simple to deploy SSL VPN client to their PC (which already includes the configuration files). Users then just login with their username and password.

We provide the following features as standard:
• Client for Windows and Mac OS
• Highly scalable supporting from 10 to 1000 users
• Data compression to enhance end user performance on limited bandwidth connections
• Support for connections into multiple branch offices which can be accessed down a single user VPN
• Support for routing to multiple IP subnets at your company location (up to 16)
• Auto-connect facility in the event of a dropped connection
• Optional Support for Active Directory authentication or we can create local users
• Optional rules based filtering to restrict traffic to specified protocols

Simple Pricing: £6.99 per user per month, minimum 10 users.

Why Now: In these extraordinary times getting your users connected to their data is the problem we solve.

Tailored: This is a comprehensive end to end service, we will help you get your users connected..

Why Datanet: Datanet is the most accommodating, flexible and adaptable data centre in London and the South with 20 years hosting experience.

Call Datanet now on 01252 810010 to discuss how quickly and efficiently we can get your users connected to your data

Should you require a more advanced feature set including AV filtering we can offer a range of powerful FortiGate Next Generation Firewalls such as the FortiGate 40F.

  • The FortiGate 40F is a next generation firwall from the market leader Fortinet, have a look at the Data Sheet here: FortiGate 40F with full UTM (unified threat management) and the Gartner Magic Quadrant report here
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