Special ‘Trial Price’ for Broadband

29/09/2003 – Special ‘Trial Price’ for Broadband

Datanet has announced an amazing special ‘Trial Price’ offer for Datanet’s broadband services. The special prices are available until January 2004. This offer allows home users to connect with Broadband for just 16 per month, the special ‘Trial Price’ can also be used with the recently launched DataDSL Home1000 product. In January 2004 customers will then revert to Datanet’s recently lowered standard monthly charges. So if you take up the offer now the more money you will save.

Special Trial Price until Jan 2004 Price After Jan 2004

  • Activation fee 59 59
  • DataDSL Home500  16 p/m  25 p/m
  • DataDSL Home1000 28 p/m  35 p/m
  • DataDSL Biz500  21 p/m  35 p/m
  • DataDSL Biz1000 34 p/m  55 p/m
  • DataDSL Biz2000 55 p/m  85 p/m

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