Something For The Weekend Sir!

Here at Datanet when we say we are Accommodating, Flexible and Adaptable, we certainly do our best to be. Over the years operating a rack and hosting data centre we have had many requests for help, a few strange ones too and we are always able to help, try us out.


Forgotten Something?

As a simple example, if you’re in the data centre and forgot something or just need a bit of help, that’s what we are here for:- here is a list of things we can generally help with, mostly all free too…

  • Patch leads, Ethernet couplers, Cross connects
  • Power leads / C13 adapter / C19 adapter/ cloverleaf
  • Cage nuts and screw drivers
  • Cable ties, torch
  • Rack shelves (small charge)
  • Helpful people (someone to lift and shift the server)
  • Trolley for moving servers
  • Ear defenders / ear plugs
  • VGA to DVI / HDMI adapter
  • WiFi coverage on data centre floor
  • Water and soft drinks in build room
  • Build room with work bench, power and Internet
  • Crash cart with KVM
  • Phone charger cables (selection)
  • Shower room
  • Good access and parking
  • Pen / paper / stationery
  • USB memory stick
  • Meeting room, tea, coffee, soft drinks and lunch (business hours)
  • Printing service –
  • Local taxi phone numbers, or we can just give you a lift

Call our team today on 01252 810010 to find out more about how we can help you