Register Your .UK Domain Before Somebody Else Does !!!

Did you know that alongside your precious domain you can have its .uk sibling but if you don’t register it by 25th June somebody else might!!!!

OK that is a bit dramatic but here is the important bit: About 5 years ago the .uk domain was released by Nominet, the UK body responsible for all .uk domains, so if you already have a then you have first rights to the .uk but only until 25th June. So for example let’s say you already use well your rights to the .uk version expire on 25th June. Call Peter or Julia at Datanet on 01252 810010 if you have any questions or you want to go ahead and register your .uk domain.

Meanwhile, here are a few Q&A’s from the official Nominet web site:

What are the benefits for businesses?
The .uk is sharper and snappier, while still signalling a connection with the UK. A business choosing a .uk domain name will benefit from being part of a trusted, popular namespace that is overwhelmingly preferred by end users searching and buying online in the UK. Some businesses may decide that a second-level domain name offers a better opportunity to highlight their brand, show how linked they are to the UK online economy, and demonstrate the forward-thinking nature of their business. As search engines and apps are making domain names less about finding a website and more about showing the world who you are and what you stand for, this is an increasingly important consideration.
Why are Nominet introducing this change?
We think shorter domains will prove popular, and may persuade more people to join the .uk namespace, which we want to be as strong, popular and well-recognised as possible. Furthermore, we believe we have an obligation to provide UK registrants with options comparable to what is available internationally, so that they are able to choose what best suits them while still signalling their UK presence. Most other country-code domain registries already offer registration at the second level (,,
Will existing .uk customers be offered the equivalent shorter domain first?
For the vast majority of existing registrants (over 96% of 10.56 million), we will automatically reserve the shorter equivalent of their current .uk domain until 25th June 2019 (five years from introduction). Fewer than 4% of registrants will not be eligible for this, because the same domain string is registered to two or more individuals or businesses across the different suffixes (for example, one person owns and another owns In these instances, the registrant will be eligible for the equivalent shorter domain. For full explanation of who has rights please see our customer information site.
How do I find out who has rights to a .uk domain?
Use the official Nominet WHOIS tool – simply type in the shorter .uk domain you’re interested in and it will show who, if anyone, holds the right-of-registration.

For the full list of Q&A’s and more information about all .uk domains, visit the official HM Government appointed Nominet website here (external Nominet website)

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