Are you ready for self install FTTC?

The traditional BT Openreach engineer installed FTTC has come to an end.  FTTC orders placed fromnow on will not require and engineer visit, although you may request one for an extra charge.  The FTTC order options and prices will be as follows:

  • Self-install: the engineer does not attend premises; the end user fits VDSL filters to all extensions and provides their own VDSL modem or modem/router
    The Activation Fee for this option is £54 + VAT.
  • Self-install with engineer visit; the engineer does attend to uplift any wiring, including fitting a service specific faceplate, but the end user still provides their own VDSL modem or modem/router.
    The Activation Fee for this option is £104 + VAT.

It is important to note that whichever option you choose, the VDSL device used must have been approved by BT.  If you wish to purchase an approved device from Datanet, we can provide a ZyXEL VMG8324-B10A router for £89 + VAT.  You may of course wish to source your own BT approved device.

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