Qnetix choose Datanet at ARK to host leading intelligent edge solution

Qnetix helps businesses respond to challenges when achieving success is paramount. Their team has a diverse background of skills, knowledge and ideas and continually build strategic partnerships with leading technology and service companies.

Qnetix are working with a Global IT provider to host their high performance, intelligent edge cloud platform. This intelligent edge cloud platform is one of many being deployed today by Qnetix. The solution is based on Dell platforms and technologies and brings together capabilities across high speed data processing, machine learning, edge cloud computing and is fully managed and monitored by Qnetix’s security and operations team.
When Datanet announced their ARK DC availability, Qnetix knew that this was perfect fit for them
Qnetix were working to tight deadlines and working closely with Datanet, we arranged to pick up all the new kit direct from Qnetix – It was a matter of a few days from signing the agreement to collecting equipment, racking and cabling and then going live.

“7 Days from order to Live ! – It was Datanet’s speed of response, working with us each step of the way and their new data centre that that made this an easy choice”

Riaan de Klerk, Managing Director Qnetix


The extra large and ultra secure racks hosted by Datanet at ARK

Qnetix Rack at ARK

Qnetix Rack hosted by Datanet at ARK

Qnetix have taken this extra large rack hosted by Datanet at ARK which comes with (up to) dual A/B 32A power feeds and dual resilient 10Gb Internet feeds along with secure 24×7 access in our high availability and highly resilientt London Edge data centre.

What are the main benefits for Qnetix hosting in the new Datanet at ARK data centre:

• The need for Security – 24×7 physical on site security, our new facility is built to Banking standards and Government “official” security standards
• Access – 24×7 on site security provides better/easier/safer and more secure customer access
• Resilience / Uptime – Tier3+ resilience with more carriers, newer generators, latest UPS’s and modern low PUE cooling systems with seasonal free cooling. Datanet customer racks will be across 2 halls each with their own independent energy centres for resilient power and resilient cooling
• Efficiency & Renewables – Newer, cleaner more efficient cooling and UPS systems improving their carbon footprint and any sustainability and environmental initiatives you may be pursuing, more on this below and attached
• Bandwidth – More bandwidth and a choice of more carriers for Internet transit and private fibre circuits
• Fire suppression – VESDA very early smoke detection alarm together with two knock gas fire suppression
• Secure data centre campus location, London Edge, just 25 miles from the M25
• Future proof – Datanet is taking a 15 year lease with options to extend, we are here for the long term


More about the Sustainability, Renewables and our/your Carbon Footprint:

• Does Datanet at ARK use renewable energy across the Farnborough site? Yes, we use 100% REGO backed renewable energy
• Does Datanet at ARK have a carbon offset programme? Yes, ARK are members of the Climate Neutral Data Centre Pact
• Does Datanet at ARK have a carbon net zero target? Yes, as part of the above pact ARK have committed to being carbon neutral by 2030.
• How else can Datanet at ARK help with our carbon reduction goals? you can read the ARK Sustainability Data Sheet, ARK are eliminating diesel in our generators, reducing water consumption, maintaining the lowest PUE’s, using renewable energy, reducing waste and supporting biodiversity


Do you get asked:
• Is there an alternative to the big cloud providers?
• Can I host my own cloud solution?
• Who can help me build the solution in a secure data centre?

Datanet at ARK is the private cloud alternative to Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure or Google GCP, from a helpful, friendly Rack and CoLocation business with more than 20 years experience.

To find out more about how Datanet can help with your rack or colocation needs, call Jeremy or Conleth on 01252 810010, or email sales@datanet.co.uk or simply fill out the form below and we will be in touch.

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