A private cloud for ConsultCRM


ConsultCRM is a Gold Microsoft Partner providing Microsoft Dynamics CRM to clients in multiple vertical sectors ranging from mid-market businesses to international corporations.  With Datanet as their infrastructure hosting partner, ConsultCRM has created a new private cloud offering, developed and driven by a need to deliver the benefits of traditional on-premise deployments and those of cloud hosting.

ConsultCRM has clients that require a high degree of customisation and connectivity.  Historically this would have only been possible with meant an on-premise deployment but – with the private cloud – they are now able to benefit from the advantages of cloud hosting in addition to the flexibility and customisation opportunities of on-premise deployment.

As Richard Sawney, CEO at ConsultCRM, explains: “We now have a brand new offering, the third way, which enables us to meet the widely varying needs of our customers.  This service has meant faster deployment, cost savings for our clients, and it complements the roll out of the Microsoft Cloud solution.  We have developed a close relationship with Datanet and together we work to deliver tangible benefits to our clients and their end users.”


Technical benefits


  • Hosting and connectivity expertise – Datanet has 18 years of hosting experience and can also advise clients on connectivity solutions around the private cloud, such as private DSL and private point-to-point connection over layer 2 directly into the hosted environment.
  • Direct management of databases – Clients can have access to their databases where they have the ability to run their own SQL code and procedures.  Datanet takes a backup of a client’s database every day and a client can be returned to that backup at any time within that same day.  Datanet’s private cloud solution also enables multi-tenancy, so a client can run two or more CRM organisation databases in parallel on the same infrastructure, allowing them to maintain separate development and production environments.
  • Private cloud – A client’s CRM environment resides in its own private cloud using a Private Active Directory domain which only the client has access to.


Commercial benefits


  • Low capital expenditure – The server provision, licensing, maintenance and management costs are consolidated into one single monthly payment rather than having to purchase, set up, install and maintain on-premise servers.
  • A utility billing model – Datanet ensures ‘on-demand provisioning’ and ‘right-sizing’, allowing the client to only pay for what they consume.
  • Pay as you grow – clients have the flexibility to quickly up- or down-scale usage in response to their business needs.
  •  Faster deployment – Clients reduce on the amount of professional services required for deployment.
  •  Reduced ingestion costs – Initial seed uploads take place on site, reducing ingestion costs and speeding up the whole process of uploading customer data.


End user benefits


  • Version control – Datanet works with its partners to control the release of new software versions, allowing organisations with a high degree of customisation to prepare their end users thoroughly before rolling out upgrades.
  • BYOD – Private cloud solutions are designed to embrace the spirit of “Bring Your Own Device”, giving end-users increased flexibility while providing management the client with a securely managed infrastructure.
  • Mobility – End users can access the tools they need any time, anywhere.


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