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The Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Platform combines the simplicity of HCI with native platform hardening, security auditing and reporting, and protection from network threats as part of a “zero trust” philosophy that aids in the prevention of cyber attacks and data loss – You can trust Datanet with your Nutanix Hosting

“Enterprises are Embracing “Zero Trust”
Zero Trust is a security design philosophy that assumes that any network, application, server, or user could be compromised versus designating trusted and untrusted categories of assets thus we must design our security protocols around that assumption”

Secure Development Lifecycle
Security starts with the software development process. Software should be continuously audited and tested for known vulnerabilities and secure design. Integration with operations helps ensure patching and upgrades can be performed in the least impactful way.

Platform Hardening / Automation
Security in the enterprise datacenter begins with a robust infrastructure foundation. Enterprises are incorporating automation into the process of maintaining a secure configuration of the infrastructure. This is to avoid human error and deliver seamless scalability without compromising security.

Network Microsegmentation
Policy is the new network security perimeter. Microsegmentation is the key to the application of “Zero Trust” at the network level. Fine-grained network policy limits applications and users to ONLY their needed resources – preventing the spread of malware or ransomware.

Identity and Access Management
Limiting what operators can do and see is critical to ensuring a lost or stolen credential isn’t used to gain access and steal data. Enterprises are implementing Role-Based Access Controls (RBAC) and Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) as another key part of Zero Trust.

Data-at-Rest Encryption
Whether it’s data loss prevention or compliance with regulatory mandates, data encryption is key to a cybersecurity strategy. By encrypting data-at-rest, the risk of loss via theft or security breach is greatly reduced.

Compliance, Audit & Reporting
Establishing and maintaining a security posture across the enterprise requires continuous security auditing, real-time reporting, and easy vulnerability remediation.

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Watch the video to see how Nutanix have desiged in security and management through

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Trust Datanet with your Nutanix Hosting

Get your Nutanix Hosting at Datanet in our UK secure, modern, accommodating and helpful M3 data centre

  • Engineers on site to support your Nutanix Hosting
  • Nutanix Hosting in private dedicated rack space in our M3 data centre
  • We specialise in Nutanix HyperConverged Infrastructure
  • Nutanix Hosting complemented by desk space, work space, BC/DR space and meeting rooms
  • Datanet have been hosting business critical applications for over twenty years
  • We own and operate our own data centre with a special focus on Nutanix Hosting
  • Each Nutanix customer solution resides in its own physically separate rack space with its own locked door with room to scale
  • Nutanix customers can have dedicated layer 2 connections from your offices to your rack space in our data centre, bringing your Nutanix on-net to your office LAN
  • Nutanix customers benefit from generous bandwidth, generous power to your rack space and generous remote hands support, all together maximising the performance of your Nutanix
  • We have qualified Nutanix engineers on site to look after your environment
  • Nutanix customers can use our Fleet offices as part of you disaster recovery and business continuity plan
  • As well as our own Fleet data centre, we also have resilience covered with Nutanix Hosting in two London data centres (THN & HEX) and our partner site in the south of Ireland
  • We are very accommodating and helpful, we want to make your stay at Datanet more like a hotel than a retirement home, you’re not locked in and we will even help you on your way when the time comes
  • You’ve simplified the operation and management by choosing Nutanix, now simplify the accommodation

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