New Enterprise80 FTTC Service from Datanet

New Fibre Broadband Service!

Enterprise80 FTTC is now available from Datanet at the old Enterprise40 FTTC price!

Up to 80Mb downstream – Up to 20Mb upstream

That’s right!  We are delighted to bring this new service to life and let you know that we will be replacing our Enterprise40 FTTC service with Enterprise80 FTTC.

We hope you will reap the benefits of up to 80Mb downstream and up to 20Mb upstream line speeds for the same price as our original, up to 40Mb Enterprise40 FTTC service.  Unlimited download usage (subject to AUP), Elebated Priority and Premier Support included.

For customers with an existing Enterprise40 FTTC service, Datanet will provide a free of charge regrade – just let us know when you want to regrade!

For those who haven’t yet experienced faster speed of FTTC (fibre to the cabinet) services, hop on the fibre train before the Olympic Games begin!

In addition to the great pricing for Enterprise80 FTTC, for a limited period (until 31st July 2012) the activation fee is just £60.00 (reduced from £80.00)  This price includes a new BT faceplate and VDSL modem and the installation requires an engineer visit to the premises.  Further information about the installation process and hardware requirements is available from our website.

Datanet’s SoHo40 FTTC service is still available and now benefits from 30GB monthly download allowance, double the original 15GB!  If you wish to regrade your SoHo40 FTTC service to our Enterprise80 FTTC service, this will necessitate your agreement to a new 12 month contract.

From 1st September 2012, new SoHo40 FTTC services will have a price change to £39.99, a slight increase on the existing £35.00 per month.  For existing SoHo40 FTTC customers, this price increase will become effective (for customers out of contract) in January 2013.


FTTC Product Downstream Upstream
 SoHo40 FTTC
 Up to 40Mb downstream line speed
Up to 10Mb upstreamline speed
30GB monthly download allowance
12 month contract
VDSL modem provided
 Up to 40Mb  Up to 10Mb
 Enterprise40 FTTC
Up to 80Mb downstream line speed
Up to 20Mb upstream line speed
Unlimited monthly download allowance (AUP applies)
12 month contract
VDSL modem provided
*Includes FTTC Elevated Priority
**Includes Enterprise Premier Support
 Up to 80Mb  Up to 20Mb

*FTTC Elecvated Priority provides preferential weighting of traffice through the BT network
**Enterprise Premier Support – Advanced level of service for business critical operations, One working hour fault response time, 20 working hour resolution time, Support team available between 08:00 – 20:00 Monday – Saturday on their dedicated number 0845 130 0695, Subject to 12 month minimum contract term

Now would be a good time to review your services to see if you can take advantage of this terrific offer!  Call the team now on 0845 130 6010


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