Power Outage in Equinix Harbour Exchange

At around 4:24 this morning a fire alarm/power outage occurred at the Harbour Exchange/LD8 data centre in London.  This power issue affected a number of floors in the DC and as of 8:40, equipment was being moved across to alternative power infrastructure.  This issue affected one of our redundant backbone links as well as peering sessions with a number of other service providers. 

As of 9:26 our core network resilience was restored.   Whilst our core network rerouted traffic over to remaining circuits and all our internet traffic was peering via other exchanges, you may have experienced some disruption whilst traffic was automatically rerouted and reduced performance due to additional load across all providers at the internet exchanges.  Reports on LINX that other providers had their power restored during the morning meant that our BGP peering sessions were all recovered by 11:30.  

A number of our customers with leased line connections using Talk Talk infrastructure were affected due to the power outage with these services being restored by 15:15.

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