Network Status


DSL/FTTC Platform Outage

On Friday 7th December 2012 we experienced an outage on our hostlink affecting all broadband customers. The incident started at...

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DSL/FTTC Platform Incident

We have received notification from BT that there is currently an incident in the Guildford & Kingston areas which may...

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DSL/FTTC Platform Running

30th March 2012 15.30 – We can advise that the BT engineers have rectified the issue with their network at...

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Email Service Running

The POP mail platform was monitored until the close of business on 08/06/10 and having identified no further problems, the...

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Email Back Up 08/06/10

The POP email problems have now been resolved and the platform is currently being monitored by our Techteam to ensure...

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Email Experiencing Problems

We are currently experiencing an intermittent problem with pop authentication resulting in users being requested for their username/password when logging...

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Email experiencing problems.

Outbound email services are currently experiencing problems, engineers are working on this now and we expect to have services back...

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Email Back Up 16/04/16

We have experienced a problem with our SMTP mail service. Our engineers have identified and fixed the problem and will...

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