Network Status


Network maintenance

7/3/2016 We have successfully completed our network maintenance this evening, it took longer than planned,  however we are pleased to advise that the...

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Core Network Update

12/02/16 Our core network continues to operate as expected however our LINX peering will remain shut down until we introduce...

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Core Network Outage

10/02/16 at 16.30 an issue was identified with our LINX peering and we believe that this has now been resolved....

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Sending Emails using AUTHSMTP

Update 08/09/15 @ 09:10: This issue was monitored until the close of business on 07/09/15 and having identified no further...

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DSL/FTTC Platform 04/08/15

During the past two days, the recent release of the Microsoft Windows 10 update has impacted the performance of ours,...

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DSL/FTTC Platform 03/08/15

We are currently experiencing high usage on our network due to the release Microsoft Windows 10. This is causing a...

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DSL/FTTC Platform 11/03/15

We are currently experiencing high usage on our network due to the release of a large microsoft update. This is...

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Network Infrastructure running

We experienced network issues related to a broadcast storm on the London Internet Exchange (LINX) on their Juniper network. Our...

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DSL/FTTC Platform is Up 14/08/13

The issue with the degraded service that some customers experienced today have now been resolved. If you continue to experience problems with...

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